Terms and conditions


The www.armhotels.am website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website" or "System") enables buyers to book accommodation in the Republic of Armenia and in the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh, by legal means, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below, as well as to use the tourist information for the Republic of Armenia provided on the Website. The www.armhotels.am website is owned and operated by TBS CJSC and “we”, “our”, “us” and the www.armhotels.am website hereinafter shall refer to TBS CJSC. “You” and “your” refers to buyers visiting and/or making a booking through the www.armhotels.am website. “Supplier” refers to hotels and other accommodation types.

These terms and conditions – as may be amended from time to time – apply to all our services directly or indirectly (through third party distributors) booked online. By accessing, browsing, using our Website or making a booking through our System, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below (including the privacy policy).


The Classification of hotels

       Classification symbols in ArmHotels.am Online Booking System are not official. These symbols have informative and guiding character, they are not a guarantee
       of quality. Classification symbols in ArmHotels.am System are based on our company’s observations and researches. The information about official classification
       is given in the description of the hotels.

Scope of Services


The www.armhotels.am website, TBS CJSC, (distribution) partners and service suppliers introduce to the buyers an online hotel booking platform for accommodation in the Republic of Armenia. By making a booking through the www.armhotels.am website, you enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with TBS CJSC. From the point at which you make your booking, we act solely as an intermediary between you and the accommodation suppliers, transmitting the details of your booking to the relevant Supplier and then sending you a document. It will be either a Booking confirmation (in case of an advance payment) or a Voucher (after full payment).

The information, displayed on the www.armhotels.am website, is provided to us by the Suppliers and is carefully checked by the employees of TBS CJSC at the time of submission of information. Only after the checking, the information could be displayed on our Website. However, the www.armhotels.am website does not guarantee the quality level of Suppliers and services mentioned on the Website.

After submitting the Voucher and hotel check-in, the accommodation suppliers provide guests with the relevant type and class of hotel room(s) booked beforehand.




All the prices on the www.armhotels.am system include all types of taxes, unless otherwise stated on the Website, Booking confirmation or Voucher.

Sometimes cheaper rates are available on our Website for specific periods; however, these rates may carry special restrictions and conditions. Please read the Booking and Cancellation Policy and the remark next to the hotel room carefully prior to making your booking.

Crossed out rates shown on the www.armhotels.am website mean that we have compared the actual rates with previously offered higher rates or the rack rates.

The currency converter is for information purposes only and should not be regarded as final, because it is periodically reviewed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia. On the assumption of the peculiarities and dates of a transaction, actual rates may vary a little.


Booking and Cancellation Policy


By making a booking through the www.armhotels.am website, you accept and agree to the cancellation policy, which is applicable in cases of booking cancellation, date changes and no-show. The general cancellation policies are available on each hotel's “hotel policies” page on our Website. We recommend you to read the cancellation policy carefully prior to making a booking.

In case of booking, your credit card will be charged for the total stay of your booking.

In case you have made the payment for a booking and are going to cancel it 3 days /72 hours/ prior to the date of arrival, no penalties will be applied, and we will refund the whole money you have paid for the booking.

If you fail to cancel the booking before the cancellation deadline or in the event of no-show, the first night fee will be charged as a penalty.

3 days /72 hours/ shall be counted from the hotel’s check-in time.

In case it is mentioned “non-refundable” next to the hotel room's name, other booking and cancellation policies shall be applied /see the remark/.

Once you have completed your booking process and made the payment, you will receive an email with Booking confirmation (a Voucher).

Free of charge


We will not charge any special commissions, taxes or other types of payments from buyers for bookings made through the www.armhotels.am website, except for the prices mentioned on the System.


Credit card


The payments made by credit cards are accepted on ArmHotels system through redirection to the website of "ArCa" electronic payment system (www.arca.am). The future payment information is transferred through closed bank systems having high-quality protection. The confidential information of customers (credit card details, registration information, etc.) is collected and processed by "ArCa" processing center, and not on the www.armhotels.am website. For that very reason, we cannot receive the buyer’s personal and bank details. During the payment processes through "ArCa" system, the card owner automatically receives an email, which informs him about the payment amount withdrawn from his/her bank account.

For making a booking through the www.armhotels.am system, we accept VISA, MasterCard and ArCa virtual card on "ArCa" payment system.

Taking into consideration the fact, that all types of payments are made via "ArCa" payment system (www.arca.am), your credit card details are not saved or transferred to the service suppliers. The verification of your credit card, the protection of its details and encryption is completed by "ArCa" payment systems (www.arca.am).

Some banks or card companies may charge additional fees for bookings considering them international money transfer. Besides, the currency of your credit card may be different from the currency of the booking price (mentioned on our Website) to be paid for, and your bank may charge extra payment for foreign exchange. You can contact your bank in order to get more information on these conditions.


Reviews and comments


After your stay at a hotel, we are inviting you to leave a guest review on the hotel's service (level) and quality on the relevant page of the Website. Our company reserves the right to edit or remove any reviews in case if they contain inappropriate language. We need the reviews for statistical purposes.


References to other websites


The www.armhotels.am website may contain references to other websites. We do not control over and bear no liability in respect of the contents and other provisions on the given websites.




According to these terms and conditions, we shall only be liable for non-performance of our services. Furthermore, we shall only be liable for the compensation of damages arising from the non-performance of your booked services mentioned on the Voucher. The compensation shall be up to an aggregate amount of the aggregate cost of your booking as set out in the confirmation email; it may also be in shape of performance of similar services with respective quality.

However, neither we nor any of our employees, directors or others involved in making available the Website and its contents, shall be liable for any special, indirect or consequential losses or damages, any loss of production, loss of income, loss of contract, or any accident happened with you while using our System or force majeure, as well as for any losses whether due to willful misconduct, illegal use of the System or any other event beyond the control.




Unless stated otherwise, the software required for the provision of our services and/or use of the Website and the intellectual property rights (including the copyrights of ArmHotels trademark) are owned by TBS CJSC.

These terms and conditions and the provision of our services shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the RA legislation; any dispute arising out of these terms and conditions and our services, may be resolved through the court system in the Republic of Armenia.

The original version of these terms and conditions is the Armenian version. The original Armenian version of these terms and conditions has been translated into Russian and English. In the event of a dispute about the interpretation of these terms and conditions, the original version shall prevail and apply. The original Armenian version is available on our Website, or shall be sent to you upon your written request to info@armhotels.am.

If any provision of these terms and conditions becomes invalid or non-obligatory, all the other actual conditions shall be applied. In such cases, the invalid provision shall fully conform to the applicable law, and you will agree to accept the conditions.




The booking services of TBS CJSC are performed in accordance with the RA legislation. TBS is a private commercial Closed Joint-Stock Company. It is registered with the State Registry of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia in conformity with the RA legislation. The TBS CJSC office is located in Yerevan city, at the following address: 12 room, 116/44 Nalbandyan Street.

Our company is registered with the State Registry of Arabkir community of Yerevan city under registration number 264.120.09088.