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76 hotels found in Yerevan region

Hotel in Armenia: Erebuni Hotel

Erebuni Hotel

ratingratingratingdisabled rankdisabled rank
26/4 Vazgen Sargsyan Str., Yerevan, RA

Erebuni Hotel is a cozy, renovated, modern Hotel.
It is situated just next to the city center - Republic Square. Its location is ideal for those who come to Yerevan on business or for leisure, since its area is surrounded not only by museums, theaters, churches and parks, but also by banks (HSBC, VTB, Converse Bank), administrative places, eating and shopping places. Most of the sites in the center of Yerevan such as Saint Grigor Lusavorich Church, Vernisaje, Opera House, Abovyan Street, National Gallery, Museum of History and other places of interest are in a walking distance from Erebuni Hotel.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Single 1 x Դ 24,000 - Դ 30,000
Double 2 x Դ 28,000 - Դ 34,000
Deluxe 2 x Դ 35,000 - Դ 40,000
Family Suite 4 x Դ 45,000 - Դ 55,000
Hotel in Armenia: Capital Hotel

Capital Hotel

ratingratingratingdisabled rankdisabled rank
53 B Aygedzor Str., Yerevan, RA

The Capital Hotel is a small, friendly, comfortable and very affordable accommodation option while staying in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. Ideally located in Aygedzor, one of the most beautiful areas in the center of Yerevan, one can find amazing sight to ravine from the room window or balcony.Capital Hotel offers comfortably appointed rooms, each designed to the highest standards.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Single 1 x Դ 13,000 - Դ 18,000
Double/Twin 2 x Դ 16,000 - Դ 20,000
Triple 3 x Դ 20,000 - Դ 27,000
Luxe 2 x Դ 26,000 - Դ 30,000
4-person Suite 4 x Դ 29,000 - Դ 36,000
5-person Suite 5 x Դ 35,000 - Դ 43,000
Hotel in Armenia: Metropol Hotel

Metropol Hotel

ratingratingratingratingdisabled rank
2/2 Mashtots Ave., Yerevan, RA

For making reservation at Metropol Hotel please e-mail us.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Hotel in Armenia: Hyatt Place Yerevan

Hyatt Place Yerevan

ratingratingratingratingdisabled rank
26/1 Vazgen Sargsyan Str., Yerevan, RA

Hyatt Place Yerevan Hotel is situated in the Republic Square. Its location is an ideal place for those who come to Yerevan on business.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Hotel in Armenia: Ararat Hotel

Ararat Hotel

ratingratingratingratingdisabled rank
7 Grigor Lusavorich Str., Yerevan, RA

Hotel was awarded 4-star hotel category by State Authority.
Ararat Hotel welcomes its guests with top of the line facilities and high-quality service.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Hotel in Armenia: Republica Hotel Yerevan

Republica Hotel Yerevan

ratingratingratingratingdisabled rank
7/1 Amiryan Str., Yerevan, RA

Republica Hotel Yerevan is a boutique hotel in the heart of Yerevan within a 3-minutes walk distance from the Republic Square. Convenient location will give the opportunity to reach all the attractions and business centers.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Hotel in Armenia: Meg Hotel

Meg Hotel

ratingratingratingratingdisabled rank
1 Jrashat Str., Yerevan, RA

Hotel Meg is a boutique hotel located in the city center, within several minutes walk from the Opera House, Cascade, and the famous Matenadaran - Armenia's ancient handwritten books depository, which is open for public and its building by itself is a fantastic architectural monument to visit.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Hotel in Armenia: Aviatrans Hotel

Aviatrans Hotel

ratingratingratingratingdisabled rank
4 Abovyan Str., Yerevan, RA

Whether visiting Armenia for business or pleasure you are invited to the Hotel Aviatrans located in the historic center of Yerevan in Abovyan street - one of the oldest and well-known streets of the capital.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Standard Single 1 x Դ 28,000 - Դ 42,000
Deluxe Single 1 x Դ 32,000 - Դ 45,000
Standard Double/Twin 2 x Դ 34,000 - Դ 47,000
Deluxe Double/Twin 2 x Դ 32,000 - Դ 52,000
Standard Family Room 4 x Դ 49,000 - Դ 69,000
Deluxe Family Room 4 x Դ 55,000 - Դ 75,000
Hotel in Armenia: Panorama Resort Yerevan

Panorama Resort Yerevan

ratingratingratingratingdisabled rank
24/3 Hovsepyan Str., Yerevan, RA

Panorama Resort is located on the hill side of Nork-Marash area of Yerevan city. Here one can appreciate quiet evenings and spectacular views of biblical mountain Ararat as well as beautiful surroundings of the city from balconies. However it is close enough (10 minutes drive) to the downtown to enjoy the nightlife of the city as well as to visit cultural and religious landmarks.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
1-bedroom apartment 2 x Դ 30,000 - Դ 35,000
2-bedrooms apartment 4 x Դ 51,000 - Դ 56,000
3-bedrooms apartment 6 x Դ 69,000 - Դ 79,000
4-bedrooms apartment 8 x Դ 84,000 - Դ 89,000
Hotel in Armenia: Villa Ayghedzor

Villa Ayghedzor

ratingratingdisabled rankdisabled rankdisabled rank
23 Aygedzor Str., Yerevan, RA

Villa Ayghedzor is an elegant building that combines functionality and comfort, offering comfortable and spacious guest rooms and reception areas.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night