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72 hotels found in Yerevan region

Hotel in Armenia: Ararat Hotel

Ararat Hotel

ratingratingratingratingdisabled rank
7 Grigor Lusavorich Str., Yerevan, RA

Hotel was awarded 4-star hotel category by State Authority.
Ararat Hotel welcomes its guests with top of the line facilities and high-quality service.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Standard Single 1 x Դ 40,000 - Դ 62,000
Standard Double/Twin 2 x Դ 48,000 - Դ 68,000
Superior Single 1 x Դ 54,000 - Դ 80,000
Superior Double/Twin 2 x Դ 60,000 - Դ 88,000
Family Suite 4 x Դ 77,000 - Դ 102,000
Hotel in Armenia: Bass Boutique Hotel

Bass Boutique Hotel

ratingratingratingratingdisabled rank
3/1 Aygedzor Str., Yerevan, RA

Bass Boutique Hotel is located in the prestigious Aigedzor district. This garden-like hotel is away from busy traffic and quietly overlooks beautiful Mount Ararat.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Standard Single 1 x Դ 27,000 - Դ 52,800
Standard Double 2 x Դ 33,000 - Դ 66,000
Deluxe Double 2 x Դ 37,000 - Դ 72,600
Deluxe Twin 2 x Դ 37,000 - Դ 72,600
Junior Suite 2 x Դ 47,000 - Դ 95,040
Senior Suite 2 x Դ 52,000 - Դ 105,600
Family 3 x Դ 52,000 - Դ 105,600
Hotel in Armenia: Panorama Resort Yerevan

Panorama Resort Yerevan

ratingratingratingratingdisabled rank
24/3 Hovsepyan Str., Yerevan, RA

Panorama Resort is located on the hill side of Nork-Marash area of Yerevan city. Here one can appreciate quiet evenings and spectacular views of biblical mountain Ararat as well as beautiful surroundings of the city from balconies. However it is close enough (10 minutes drive) to the downtown to enjoy the nightlife of the city as well as to visit cultural and religious landmarks.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
1-bedroom apartment 2 x Դ 30,000 - Դ 35,000
2-bedrooms apartment 4 x Դ 51,000 - Դ 56,000
3-bedrooms apartment 6 x Դ 69,000 - Դ 79,000
4-bedrooms apartment 8 x Դ 84,000 - Դ 89,000
Hotel in Armenia: Nare Hotel

Nare Hotel

ratingratingratingratingdisabled rank
22/10 Hovsepyan Str., Nork-Marash, Yerevan, RA

Hotel Nare is located in one of the most peaceful areas of Nork, the city center can be reached in 10 minutes. The convenient location of Hotel Nare allows you to enjoy city panorama and the magnificent beauty of the Biblical Mount Ararat. In the hotel restaurant one can taste both traditional Armenian and European cuisine.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Single 1 x Դ 23,000 - Դ 27,000
Double 2 x Դ 26,000 - Դ 31,000
Twin 2 x Դ 26,000 - Դ 36,000
Triple 3 x Դ 32,000 - Դ 35,000
Hotel in Armenia: Villa Delenda

Villa Delenda

ratingratingdisabled rankdisabled rankdisabled rank
22 Yeznik Koghbatsi Str., Yerevan, RA

Villa Delenda was originally built in 1906 as a private residence for Mnatsakanyan brothers. A lot of the original building architecture has been restored and retained during expansion and renovation.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Single 1 x Դ 25,000
Double/Twin 2 x Դ 35,000
Triple 3 x Դ 45,000
Hotel in Armenia: Europe Hotel

Europe Hotel

ratingratingratingdisabled rankdisabled rank
38 Hanrapetutyan Str., Yerevan, RA

This Boutique Hotel is ideally located within few steps from the Republic Square and twenty minutes drive from Zvartnots International Airport.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Single 1 x Դ 35,000 - Դ 44,000
Double/Twin 2 x Դ 40,000 - Դ 50,000
Hotel in Armenia: Central Hotel Yerevan

Central Hotel Yerevan

ratingratingratingratingdisabled rank
2 Zakyan Street, Yerevan, RA

Central Hotel is located right in the heart of Yerevan in just three-minute walk from the Republic Square. In less than five minutes you can get to the National Gallery and the History Museum of Armenia, as well as to the metro station and Vernissage souvenirs and handmade market. The Hotel offers spacious and comfortable rooms, a pleasant atmosphere and a luxurious interior. Everything here was created for both successful business trips and memorable family holidays. Friendly, professional and multilingual staff will provide an individual approach to each guest. For guests' convenience, the hotel offers concierge services, a 24-hour front desk, ATM and currency exchange, spa, restaurant, bar, café in a winter garden and much more.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Standart Single 1 x Դ 43,000
Standard Double 2 x Դ 38,000 - Դ 50,000
Classic Single 1 x Դ 47,500
Classic Double 2 x Դ 42,000 - Դ 55,000
Deluxe 2 x Դ 55,000 - Դ 70,000
Luxe 2 x Դ 68,000 - Դ 80,000
Hotel in Armenia: Gyumri Hotel Yerevan

Gyumri Hotel Yerevan

ratingratingdisabled rankdisabled rankdisabled rank
1 Lusinyan Str., Yerevan, RA

Gyumri Hotel in Yerevan is located near the shopping center Dalma Garden Mall, Ararat Cognac Factory and 2.5 km far from the Republic Square.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Economy Double 2 x Դ 25,000
Business Double 2 x Դ 30,000
Luxe 2 x Դ 35,000
Executive Suite 2 x Դ 45,000
Hotel in Armenia: White House Hotel

White House Hotel

ratingratingdisabled rankdisabled rankdisabled rank
29 Ayvazovski Str., Nor Aresh, Yerevan, RA

White House Hotel is situated near Erebuni Fortress, also known as Arin Berd meaning the "Fortress of Blood" is a fortified city from the ancient kingdom of Urartu, located in what is present-day Yerevan. It was one of several fortresses built along the northern Urartian border and was one of the most important political, economic and cultural centers of the vast kingdom. The name Yerevan itself is derived from Erebuni.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Single 1 x Դ 15,000 - Դ 17,000
Double/Twin 2 x Դ 18,000 - Դ 20,000
Deluxe Double 2 x Դ 20,000 - Դ 22,000
Family Suite 4 x Դ 36,000 - Դ 40,000
Hotel in Armenia: Messier 53 Hotel Yerevan

Messier 53 Hotel Yerevan

ratingratingratingratingdisabled rank
15/4 Vardanants, Yerevan, RA

Messier 53 Hotel Yerevan is perfectly located in downtown of Yerevan 3 minutes of walk away from the Republic Square with an easy access to colorful and interesting Vernissage/an open-air exhibition-market/, and other essential Yerevan landmarks.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Standard Double 2 x Դ 42,000 - Դ 79,000
Superior 2 x Դ 44,000 - Դ 81,000
Superior Twin 2 x Դ 47,000 - Դ 81,000
Business Double 2 x Դ 57,000 - Դ 87,000
Panorama Suite 2 x Դ 62,000 - Դ 90,000
Art Deluxe 2 x Դ 72,000 - Դ 97,000