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8 hotels found in Gegharkunik region

Hotel in Armenia: Tsaghkunq Guesthouse

Tsaghkunq Guesthouse

ratingratingratingdisabled rankdisabled rank
Tsaghkunk village, Sevan, RA

Guesthouse is situated in Tsaghkunq village, Gegharkunik region, not far from the lake Sevan.
The name itself drives from the abbreviation of words “Tsaghkuniq” tribe and aromatic flower.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Economy Single 1 x Դ 12,000
Economy Double 2 x Դ 22,000
Standard Single 1 x Դ 15,000
Standard Double 2 x Դ 25,000
Hotel in Armenia: Harsnaqar Hotel

Harsnaqar Hotel

ratingratingratingdisabled rankdisabled rank
Tsamakaberd, Sevan, RA

Hotel is situated on the shore of the lake Sevan and consists of the main building with different types of rooms, mini cottages and two-storied cottages. Many rooms and cottages have a view to the lake.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Single 1 x Դ 25,000 - Դ 40,000
Twin 2 x Դ 40,000 - Դ 45,000
Double 2 x Դ 40,000 - Դ 50,000
Junior Suite 2 x Դ 40,000 - Դ 50,000
Luxe 3 x Դ 55,000 - Դ 70,000
Family 4 x Դ 65,000 - Դ 80,000
Mini-cottage 1 x Դ 21,000 - Դ 30,000
Mini-cottage Double/Twin 2 x Դ 35,000 - Դ 40,000
2-bedrooms Cottage 4 x Դ 63,000 - Դ 90,000
3-bedrooms Cottage 6 x Դ 70,000 - Դ 100,000
Hotel in Armenia: Maria Resort

Maria Resort

ratingratingratingdisabled rankdisabled rank
Near Sevan Hospital, Beginning of Sevan – Dilijan highway M4

Maria Resort is situated on the shore of lake Sevan. There are 50 suites which are designed for guests' comfort and equipped to the highest standards. Outside the rooms gusts can spend time playing billiards or beach volleyball, enjoying the outdoor pool, or simply relaxing in the rest areas inside the large gated territory. Families with children will appreciate the kid’s playground. The beautiful Lake Sevan is just a short walk away from the resort. At night, the restaurants, where will serve armenian and iInternational cuisine, cafe and pool-side bar provide a nice atmosphere.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Single 1 x Դ 11,000 - Դ 28,000
Double/Twin 2 x Դ 25,000 - Դ 40,000
Double/Twin (lake view) 2 x Դ 21,000 - Դ 43,000
Triple 3 x Դ 26,000 - Դ 59,000
Triple (lake view) 3 x Դ 27,000 - Դ 62,000
4-person room 4 x Դ 32,000 - Դ 59,000
5-person room 5 x Դ 37,000 - Դ 89,000
6-person room 6 x Դ 42,000 - Դ 99,000
7-person room 7 x Դ 49,000 - Դ 105,000
Hotel in Armenia: Luxury Rest Sevan

Luxury Rest Sevan

ratingratingratingdisabled rankdisabled rank
4/13 Lavanda City, Sevan, RA

Luxury Rest Hotel Complex is situated in Sevan, in Lavanda City rest zone, only within 3 km distance from Sevanavank (9th century Armenian monastic complex).

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Arpa 5 x Դ 35,000
Arpa 5 5 x Դ 38,000
Comfort+ 5 x Դ 38,000
Forest 2 5 x Դ 38,000
Forest 1 6 x Դ 44,000
Forest 3 6 x Դ 50,000
Hotel in Armenia: Grig Hotel Vardenis

Grig Hotel Vardenis

ratingratingratingdisabled rankdisabled rank
6/8 Andresyan, Vardenis, RA

Grig hotel is located in Vardenis.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Double 2 x Դ 12,000
Luxe 2 x Դ 22,000
Family 4 x Դ 24,000
Hotel in Armenia: Tsovasar Resort Sevan

Tsovasar Resort Sevan

ratingratingratingratingdisabled rank
9 Norashen, Sevan, RA

Tsovasar Resort Sevan is situated just on the coast of Lake Sevan.

The resort features its own sandy beach, open-air swimming pool, restaurant, open-air café, table tennis, billiard, parking area. For those with kids there is a kids’ playground.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
1-bedroom Deluxe Apartment 2 x Դ 32,000
2-bedroom Deluxe Apartment 4 x Դ 46,000
2-bedroom Deluxe Cottage 4 x Դ 65,000
Hotel in Armenia: White House Dprabak

White House Dprabak

ratingratingdisabled rankdisabled rankdisabled rank
Village Dprabak, Gegharkunik region, RA

White House is located in the village of Dprabak, Gegharkunik region near the Goshavank Monastery. In the territory of the guest house there are own lakes for amateur fishing.

Available room type Pax Rate for a night
Family 4 x Դ 16,000
Family luxe 5 x Դ 35,000