Ice, ice baby: Inside the coolest hotel in the world

 Ice, ice baby: Inside the coolest hotel in the world

18.01.17 | 16:57

Icehotel in Sweden’s far north Jukkasjärvi is a hotel and art exhibition made of ice from the river Torne, each year reincarnated in a brand new design.

So to celebrate Australia’s last month of winter, talk a step inside the world’s finest hotel made of ice and snow!



You can sip on a delicious cocktail or have a glass of champagne at the resort’s Icebar – obviously the glasses are made entirely out of ice. You can dance the night away on a floor made of snow and mingle with visitors from near and far that have all travelled to this little bar by the Torne River.

The Ice Church


Your love may be hot, but you can have your wedding in the cold! Reborn in a new guise each winter and hand carved by carefully selected designers, the Ice Church is one of the most unique wedding locations in the world with walls and ceiling made of snow and altar details and benches made of ice.

Cairn Forest


The Cairn Forest suite is a sight to behold.  Cairns, traditionally used to mark a path, become symbols of a destination, goodwill and a sense community between strangers in this room. The suite uses ice slabs stacked on top of each other, creating a grove of ice cairns in a snowy landscape.

Elephant in the Room


This aptly named suite is created by Swedish sculptor AnnaSofia Mååg, and features a three meter tall African elephant overlooking the ice framed bed.

Counting Sheep


In the Counting Sheep suite, Italian architect and designer Luca Roncoroni has created a sanctuary for those worried about spending the night in temperatures below zero – here, you can easily count sheep until you fall asleep.

The Power of Love


Designed with enormous ice pipes running across the room, a love barometer seemingly captures the energy in the room and transforms it into visions and fantasies. On the wall facing the bed is a round ice projection screen, and when you lie down, the machinery starts harnessing your energy and producing visions and fantasies which are projected onto the screen.

Eye Suite


In the Eye suite, designers Nicolas Triboulot and Cédric Alizard play with the visual experience of the visitor, creating a universe of shapes and playing with light. Waves and sharp angles interact with each other, creating light reflections that shift as the visitor moves around the room.

The Labyrinth Saga


Entering this suite, the visitor walks through a narrow forest. The Labyrinth Saga art suite is the path to another world deep in the forest, where a misty light leads the way through the woods.The light and the path lead the way through a labyrinth where the view opens up a little more on every turn. Suddenly the woods open onto a peaceful clearing were the traveler comes to rest.



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